"The absurdly versatile P.J. Ochlan"




A multiple Audie Award winner, Odyssey Award winner, multiple Earphones Award winner, and multiple Voice Arts Award winner, P.J. Ochlan's work behind the microphone began in 1987 as a young voice actor with many commercials and promos. Since then he has lent his diverse talents to virtually every voiceover genre. Most notably, he is a widely acclaimed and record-setting audiobook narrator with hundreds of fiction and non-fiction titles to his credit.

P.J.'s voice work is enhanced by his mastery of accents, distinctive characters and versatility, as well as his proficiency with English, French, Italian, German and Mandarin. He is also the founder of Dr. Dialect and co-founder of the Deyan Institute of Voice Artistry.

Audiobook Samples

The Marauders

Contemporary humorous fiction featuring multiple Southern-accented characters

The Loch

Sci-fi first-person narration featuring multiple Scottish-accented characters

Night's Gift

YA fantasy featuring third-person narration with multiple English-accented characters

Shark Drunk

Non-fiction memoir


Romance featuring first-person, Australian-accented narration

Sherlock Holmes Collection

Mystery featuring first-person, RP English-accented narration

Character Reel

Animation Reel

Video Game / Interactive Reel

Audio Reviews

The Marauders


"Narrator P.J. Ochlan portrays several characters as their stories converge in a Louisiana bayou in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill. The story is excellent on its own--add a top-notch narration, and it's something special. Ochlan nails both the accents and the personalities of the oddballs, pillheads, and rip-off artists who live in Jeannette...He believably renders psychotic twins, a teenager, and a one-armed treasure hunter with an affinity for knock-knock jokes. Ochlan's performance is a huge win for listeners."
- G.S.D. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile Magazine

Lawn Boy


"This novel comes alive as an audiobook because of narrator P.J. Ochlan's ability to create unique voices for each of [the] characters...The audiobook succeeds because of Ochlan's ability to give life to [the author's] extraordinary voices and to dramatize the situations the characters find themselves in...Ochlan makes the most of every moment."
- D.J.S. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile Magazine

A Bandit's Tale


"Narrator P.J. Ochlan embraces this spirited novel, documenting [the] adventures with such gusto and spunk that you'd swear you'd traveled back in time to 1887...Ochlan paints a vivid picture...Capturing the characters' voices perfectly, Ochlan delivers animated storytelling..and the accents of the city's many immigrants, whether Irish, Scottish, German, English, or Italian...Excellent production."

-M.F.T. © AudioFile Magazine

A World Without You


"Narrator P.J. Ochlan impressively portrays the complex disposition of teenager Bo, who suffers from a mental illness that causes him to believe he can travel through time. Ochlan's thunderous voice passionately depicts the anger and frustration that Bo feels as he tries to convince his family and classmates of his delusional belief that his girlfriend, Sofia, is not dead, but just lost in time...Listeners will be rapt at this story of a family struggling with the challenges of mental illness, as delivered through the strong and emotional narration."

M.D. © AudioFile Magazine

silent empire series


"The narrator for the entire Silent Empire series is P.J. Ochlan, and he's awesome! He even gave Kendi an Australian accent. The voice he gave Ben is pitch perfect, exactly the way I imagined him in my head...Hearing their voices on an audio book made me unexpectedly ache for my Silent Empire people again, and it's a testimony to Mr. Ochlan's narration.
Several sections made me shout and cry and rewind so I could listen again. I loved it."

Author Steven Harper

Sherlock holmes collection


"The end result was astounding, I nearly fell off my chair when I listened to the finished audio. Each accent was spot on, just how I imagined it to be. His narration of Holmes was played with excellence, and Watson was precisely as I imagined him to be. The other ancillary character voices throughout the stories were phenomenal to say the least. Each character was unique and the voices complemented each other perfectly."
Author Pennie Mae Cartawick